Now THAT is a Sidecar!

by geno on February 16, 2013

With more and more aging bikers thinking about getting a third wheel, trike and sidecar builders are more than willing to oblige with some pretty creative ideas and designs. Such is the case with the photo below of the latest vehicle by Francois Knorreck.


This particular mash-up is dubbed the "Snaefell". The designer employed the combination of a 1000cc Laverda motorcycle, along with different parts of a Kawasaki 1000RX and  a number of cars to accomplish the motorcycle sidecar.


The Snaefell’s sidecar offers a luxury ride in comparison to regular sidecars. It took 10 years and nearly $20,000 to combine biking and a luxury car ride into this single vehicle.


Hey, if you’re going to ride in a sidecar, why not go first class and make it a luxury two-seater?


AWESOME! The coolest looking motorcycle-sidecar combination I’ve ever seen.

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