Big Dog Jesse – Wife Buys Army Husband A Special Valentine’s Gift

by geno on February 21, 2013

Staff Sgt. Jesse Templeman was surprised when he returned home from Afghanistan to discover his wife had bought him a Big Dog Chopper for Valentine’s Day. A nice touch; Jesse is a Florida Gators fan, and his new bike is painted similar colors to his favorite team’s school colors.

While we were all standing in the showroom around Jesse’s beautiful orange and blue chopper, he shared a couple of stories with us about some of the hardships of war. It was a real honor to meet him and his buddy Andrew, another chopper-riding war vet, who rode with Jesse to pick up his bike.

It was cloudy, cold and gray the day they came to Arlington, but that didn’t deter Jesse from riding his Valentine’s chopper back to Ft. Bliss in El Paso – about 620 miles.

Brad-Edwards-e1351629411601Brad Edwards, one of the sales guys at AMTC, handled the paperwork and delivery process. He posted the comment on our Facebook page, “This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a salesman.”

The following video is of Jesse taking delivery of his bike in Arlington, TX at American Motorcycle Trading Company.

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