Ride Safe Tip –“Rocky Road”

by geno on October 22, 2012

Yesterday I was enjoying an amazing day on my bike when I came up on a really common road hazard, loose gravel. If you’ve ever had a run-in with loose gravel, I don’t have to tell you what an instant adrenaline rush it can give you. Pretty exhilerating!

This particular patch wasn’t very big, but then again, it doesn’t take many pebbles to take you out. Especially when they’re lying in wait for you in the middle of a curve, or anytime you’re in a turn on two wheels.

I noticed the tire marks where a vehicle had pulled a U-eee before I actually saw the rocks in the road, so I had plenty of time to maneuver around them.

Ride Safe! Watch out for that loose gravel.

Sand works the same way, and produces the same results. Parking lot entrances are great hiding places for lurking sand and pea-gravel, so always beware of turning in too fast and leaning too far when entering.

And don’t forget the water! I ride my bike into work everyday, and there’s one particular intersection where a small stream of water is draining across the street, right in the middle of my turn. If the water wasn’t bad enough, the algae slime that can form is even more slick.

For a great article on “Handling Common Motorcycle Road Hazards” – Click Here.

Hope this helps. Happy Trails!


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