Hot Times in the Old Town Tonight!

by geno on June 14, 2013! It seems like we were just fussing about the cold, wind, rain and ice interfering with our scooter time, and now the temps are already bumping 100 degrees here in Texas.


Even though the weather is beautiful for riding, we still need to remain aware of the dangers of  heat exhaustion and dehydration as we ride into the Summer season.

I posted a couple of articles below with some great info about riding in the heat. I hope they help.

From “Randy W” with the Cowtown Motorcycle Group in Ft. Worth, TX.

When it’s really cold, I have to keep my rides fairly short or else my hands and feet freeze. What makes the cold easy to deal with is that the body generates heat and all you need to do is figure out ways to retain it.

Riding in the heat is another story.

Human bodies exchange heat with their surroundings in several ways, convection, conduction, radiation, and evaporative cooling (from perspiration). So long as the air temperature is below your body temp the air flowing over your skin carries away heat and the faster you go the better it works. But when the air temp reaches 99 and above, it’s another story.

There is a limit to how much perspiration the body can produce, and when air flowing over the body evaporates more perspiration than the body can produce, the skin starts to absorb heat from the air.

You are always losing water to the air around you. The hotter the air is and the faster it’s moving, the faster you lose water and the more you need to replace it. So, drink plenty of water.

When it’s really hot the more skin you expose to the wind the faster you absorb that heat. So long sleeves actually help keep you cool. Long sleeves also reflect sunlight to reduce heating from radiation. Coppertone can’t do that.

From Stacy Scholnik of in Florida.

You’re well aware of the extreme heat that we face in the summer months. All the humidity and temperatures well into the 90’s makes us scream for air conditioning, jumping in the pool, and taking cold showers. Motorcycle riders have other things on their mind, like “where can I find protective riding gear that won’t make me have a heat stroke”? Here’s a list of the top five best motorcycle clothing accessories for hot weather:

1.    Vented Helmet- Full-face helmets with specially-located vents are the best types of helmets to wear in the summer heat. In order to keep cool, the body will dissipate heat through the top of the head. However, helmets could potentially restrict the body’s ability to do so. This is why helmets with proper ventilation are necessary because they allow for the air inside the helmet to circulate.

2.    Cool Suits- When riding in hot weather, motorcyclists need a suit that will allow air to circulate, rather than trapping air inside as is the case in the winter time. One example would be a suit that is designed to be used as an undergarment for leather jackets. The washable liner helps air to circulate and keeps moisture away from the body to help regulate body temperature.

3.    Vented Leather Jackets- Leather jackets are known for being shut tight and not allowing air to pass in and out. With that being said, they are clearly not ideal for summer time. Not only would you sweat your butt off, but needless to say, you would also have a very tough time enjoying your ride in such extreme heat. What you may not be aware of is that some manufacturers offer jackets that actually allow some air to pass through. This would help dissipate the hot air that is generated by the body.

4.    Body Armor Cool Pants- Most bikers are known for wearing denim jeans during their rides. However, jeans are very hot and stiff in hot weather. Riders should consider wearing pants that provide a breeze, but also offer protection at the vulnerable spots like the hips and knees.

5.    Breezy Gloves- There are many gloves available (that are not made of leather) that offer protection and allow air to flow through. These types of gloves are made to allow the air to enter at the rider’s sleeve, further cooling the body.

Instead of riding around in hot leather and a huge air-tight helmet, bikers should seriously consider investing in these accessories. You’ll be sure to stay cool and you’ll enjoy your ride just that much more!

Here’s a link about the symptoms and treatment for getting over-heated:

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