Awesome EVO!

by geno on February 8, 2013

We get some pretty awesome bikes coming into our store, but every once in a while, one that’s “special” comes in and really rings my bell. Such was the case when an amazing ‘97 Harley-Davidson Fatboy came in this week.

Red Hot & Sweet #1

I owned a ‘99 Fatboy, and had tons-o-fun riding it around the Ozarks while living in North Central Arkansas ( some of the greatest riding in the country by-the-way). These big twin softails have a very low center of gravity which makes them super easy to balance, and they really handle nicely.

Red Hot & Sweet #2

Some folks just have good taste when it comes to upgrades on a bike, and in my opinion, the previous owner of this particular scoot had a good eye for “fixing up” his motorcycle.

It was updated with an S&S carb and great sounding exhaust too, which really gives this carburated Evo that sweet “potato-potato-potato” sound we all recognize and love.

I cranked it up in the following video so you can give it a listen and see some of its more finer points up close and personal.

Enjoy, Geno.

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